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What is JYG?


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Junior Youth Group (JYG) is specifically aimed at middle school youth – grades 6, 7, and 8 – as a bridge between traditional Sunday school and the high school age youth group. Its purpose is to develop the intellectual skills of middle school youth as well as provide them with a firm grounding in the basics of Islam.

We meet every Sunday from 11am-12:30pm to have discussions, debates, and activities focusing on Islamic topics, current events, and issues of Americean Muslim identify affecting middle school youth today. In addition to our weekly activities, we also invite guest speakers, hold interfaith events, participate in service projects, and go on field trips. We partner with MYG on several events including the Annual MYG Retreat and Ski Trip. If you’d like to join or get more information please contact us at icsc@icsconline.org.

Meet the JYG Coordinators

2011-12-04 15.41.52-1Tatiana Oueini is a Los Angeles native and grew up attending weekend arabic and islamic school from a young age. In high school, after joining her local Youth Group – she found the courage and drive towards civic engagement and worked to develop her skills as leader within the Muslim community and the broader community in which she lived in. Through those experiences, she developed a passion for empowering the youth to not only make positive changes within their community – but to also realize their greatest potential as individuals and leaders. Tatiana received her Bachelor’s degree in Interpersonal and Mass Communications from UCLA in 2010. She currenty works in the corporate sector as an HR professional and specializes in employee relations and training and leadership development.
Wasi MominWasi Momin is a long-time active member of the Islamic Center of Southern California and the Southern California community who has been recognized by the Los Angeles Police Department for his dedication and service. A student of Jihad Turk and Dr. Saleh Kholoki, he has represented Muslim youth at conferences and lectures. Wasi is the former Religious and Educational Director the Muslim Youth Group at the ICSC. He is currently a student at Santa Monica College. Wasi lives in Los Angeles.

*For more information about JYG, you can email the Junior Youth Group Coordinators, Tatiana and Wasi at jyg@icsconline.org.

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